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Winner: Solo

Film NameFilm LoglineFilm DirectorPrinciple Actor/ActressSupporting Actor/Actress
MissingA no-nonsense business woman frantically searches for her lost cats, while clashing with her care-free mother and troubled, unemployed sister, who recently moved in with her.Giulia GovernoJenna EnnsJennifer Emett
EscalationA friendly argument gets out of hand...Shane BierleyTyler FrankJack Woodward
SynesthesiaWhen Leslie puts more faith in the smartphone she never puts down than her marriage, she must decide who to trust with deadly consequences.Alison KohlhardtRachanee LumaynoDanny Ross
Hypocrites & StrippersA comedy about selling sex and selling out.Kim YagedKim YagedRich Morris
SoloAnna needs to blow off some steam, but things take a harrowing turn when she goes solo.Niki ByrneMelina HayumMichael Karman
The Red SweaterA madly in love, young Jewish woman goes on an emotional ride with her beloved Grandma as she hopes for her blessing to get married. However, it’s not the conventional engagement Grandma would hope for, putting their relationship to the test for the first time.Konstantinos MousoulisAlexis BrandtFlorrie Shaen
Every Single DayA young father, faced with the prospect of losing his family, will never give up on getting them back, even if it means reliving the unthinkable.James KapnerIan DelaneyA Leslie Kies
MagicTwo ancient wizards cross paths and engage in a duel for the agesRyan MillerSchuyler JeffressPaul Heredia
Planet PartyAn office party mixer for all the planets in our solar system. What could possibly go wrong?Dan BalcabanNatalie PaigeAileen Beale