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Winner: Realities

Film NameFilm LoglineFilm DirectorPrinciple Actor/ActressSupporting Actor/Actress
RotiWhile dining in a restaurant, Derek and his traditional Indian parents get reacquainted with his close childhood friend Alexis, who is now Alex.Dylan GunaratneAna PlavecRay Parikh
Ri'Yawncee's WorldShe lives....Antre MarshallJohnnett KentAnita Hall
YoungerAn actress learns just how short your "window" is in HollywoodRobert CampbellMarissa WynneRobert Campbell
Clementine's GraveThe grave of a woman's beloved feline repeatedly calls to her in the night. Psychotropic medicines can not mute the surreal madness which awaits in the back yard.Gary ChasonJulitta PourciauKelly Raymer
A Very Orphan ThanksgivingWhat happens when a real orphan crashes an "Orphan Thanksgiving"Lisa LauretaLisa LauretaDonna Lobello
REALTIESA homeless realtor attempts to get his life back on track by selling the home he's been squatting in but his vices continue to threaten the deal.Zach DrummerTommy KearneyMatty Daniell
SistersA film about sisters, a heartbreaking betrayal and the path to forgiveness.Marta CrossVirginia NovelloValeria Maldonado
Traveling WillyBreaking the sterotype with magicDan BalcabanWilly ...... ...