The May 2017 was sold out at Flappers Comedy Club!  Here’s the line up for that show including information about each film.

Best In Show Winner:  Addicted

Spouse Switch Two couples switch spouses on a popular reality TV show. But at the end of the season, one of the couples decides they don't want to swap back.Alison KohlhardtRachanee LumaynoGian Franco Rodriguez
Mr. Hopewell's RemedySet in a small town that time forgot, this gently-absurd, comedic short tells the story of a hapless inventor, Ernest Hopewell, whose failure to create the antidote to sorrow sets in motion a magical alchemy for joy.Kathi CareyJames Patrick StuartDarla June Koons
Last ShotLast Shot at playing gamesRobert William CampbellRobert William CampbellGeorge Garber
Yield RightSometimes it's better to drive aloneJames RoddyChristina RussoRicky Wang
The PrecinctInterrogation in the Precinct like you've never seenColton TappColton TappJoshua Briscoe
Guyco - Dating Insurance for MenCliff is tired of spending money on dates so he gets dating insurance Scott FrankMarc IsaacsErin Elizabeth Reed
AddictedAddiction TherapyPablo LewinJohnnette Kent
Better SisterNo matter what you do, your sister is always better than you. Miranda RussoMiranda RussoTonya Conelisse
Dr. Deanie - TimmieDr. Deanie hosts a talk radio show giving Timmy some nefarious adviceMJ LalloTom BoyleRoberta Wilson
Big GunsTwo detectives jobs are on the line when their sargent gives them one last case to save their jobs.Chris McDonnellChris McDonnellKristin Minter
JanglersJanglers - Real Comfortable. Satisfaction GuaranteedChris McDonnellChris McDonnell
Blind DateAn random meeting at a bar turns into a blind dateNick SivakumaranAlexis NicholsCharles Dudley
Mr. VelcroThe wacky new sit-com everyone is sticking to. All new episode. Must see TV.James BurroughsPaul LaudenCatesby Burnstien