The June 2017 was at Flappers Comedy Club! ¬†Here’s the line up for that show including information about each film.

Best In Show Winner:  Becoming Lucy

HPHRA sibling rivalry gets out of hand when one brother tries to be too much like the other.Tom MorrisGreg SamuelsGeoff Samuels
Waiting for GidgetBrian finds himself at a crux while waiting for Gidget. The writer takes a classic stage play "Waiting for Godot" and gives it a romantic tragic twist whilst staying true to the tragic-comedic feel of the play. Love is never simple.R. Dana BrowneR. Dana BrowneErin Dangler
The ThirstThe Thirst is RealIvirlei BrookesShannon Bobo
Mimi's MisadventureThis tongue in cheek dark comedy follows Mimi, a former prostitute and heroin addict who is down on her luck. While working at her job in a strip club, Mimi overhears a conversation that can change her life forever.R.D. Womack IIAshley AtwoodFrederick Lawrence
Text of LoveA short comedy film about texting and loveRikard RodinAllison HawkstoneTorsten Colijn
JelloA short comedy about the limits one will go to profess their loveRikard RodinJessica MorrisJon McCary
Becoming LucyConfronted by probing questions from her biographer, an elderly Lucille Ball recalls the steps it took for her to realize the iconic television series I Love Lucy. Jared ElkinAlexis NicholsRozzie Bacchi
Danny's ApartmentIt's a story about a guy who is behind on his rent and is dating 2 girls at the same time. He is trying to get one of them to move in with him, when the other shows up.Miles MasseyBen WarnerChristina Russo
The Process Web SeriesA promising actor struggles to conquer his biggest role of all, life.David Hunter, Jr.David Hunter, Jr.Amaris Davidson
Cinderella PoseThe glass slipper of posesBrad BucklinBecca BatoeJonathon Roumie
End of DateA short comedy film about texting and loveMaria D'AllesandroKiana ReneKelly Perine