This is the July Show

Winner: Happy Hour

Happy HourAn older divorcee tries to teach her newly single friend how to pick up younger men but instead ends up learning something new herself.Ambika LeighChristina GrayAmy Lloyd
Get UpWhen people contemplate giving up their seat for a pregnant woman, what does through their mind.Dan BalcabanBen BrockRebecca Clay
Game NightThree couples learn how dysfunctional they are during what's supposed to be a fun game night.Alison KohlhardtRachanee LumaynoAlison Kohlhardt
The DressCultures clash at a desolate train stop when a rich suburan boy discovers an inner city Hispanic girl who has ran away from her Quinceanera.Francisco & Keegan Infante & GogertyJasmina BreenSimon Kiser
Annie's First DayIt's Annie's first day of teaching. What could go wrong? No really, what? She's worried... then her slacker boyfriend steps in.Jaymes LucasCarly TurroJaymes Lucas
Insert Shot: Sunset on the PacificNewly single Katharine meets a charming filmmaker, Ray, who renews her faith in true romance, despite racial differences.William RiceAshley DoniganAlex Trumble
The Hottest Club In TownTwo guys melodically tell us about the hottest club in townJeffrey AshkinJeffrey AshkinJeff Bratz
Baked ZitiTwo low-level wiseguys get orders to whack their bossÕ rivals to save their own skins, and find a surprising shot at survival in a bowl of baked ziti.Sascha SchneiderRonnie MarmoChristopher Frederick
ForgivenessHow do you move on in life when tragedy hits you?Alek GearhartDanny PardoJane Santos
Dream GirlA romantic comedy about a girl losing her guy to his obsession of finding his dream girl through his fantasy life of movies.Brett Newtonchristine JaceLee Barton