This is the August show!!!

Winner: Marty: A Wild West Neverland

AttractionDavid meets Kyle in a bar. Will what happens next show the consequences of “attraction”?Robert AmicoJeremy ConnorsLarry Altmayer
Southwest AirlinesA husband thinks "I wanna get away".Chris McDonnellChris McDonnell
I Think I Need a DrinkAn intriguing and funny story about a detective in search of a thief. He encounters a drunk who helps him, as he discovers more about his own life then he wants to know.Ernie CharlesDavid McCulloughKelly Mullis
Hamilton"What we have heah, is a failure to communicate!"Robert CampbellCynthia Kaye McWilliamsRobert Campbell
Tranquility Inc.A woman receives an unexpected visit from a relationship grim-reaper.Jamie NeeseLisa JayMark Gerson
Marty: A Wild West NeverlandMarty and Dee cross paths with the ruthless One-Eyed Johnny and the Krimson Kids where they experience the harsh realities of tyranny and violence in the West.Vu HoangReid MillerJonah Hwang
What It's Like Meeting People in L.A.It's actually like this.Devin CrittendenSean CramptonSarah Elizabeth Johnston
New BeginningsAfter 18 years, a mother brings her long lost daughter a special message.Tyler TinsleyBecka RoseCameron Inman
Hidden in Plain SightA hitman is sure he knows what his target is hidingRobert CampbellDwain DuranRobert Campbell
The Canadians: Felipe Wants to Live as a CanadianWhat happens when America’s closest ally becomes its polar frenemy?
Two deep cover married American spies go to Cold War with the Red Maple Menace and each other in The Canadians.
Ibba ArmancasKatie KeenanTrin Miller
CatnappedA man finds himself tied up in a strange apartment...but this isn't your typical kidnappingAnthony Miguel CantuJonathan KyserAmy Hagan
Voicemail JazzHe's got the charm. He's got the number. But does he have the timing?Edward GeorgeSean (Mo) WilliamsNatalie Davis